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You Don’t Have to Perform for Me – I Release You! (FMF:: Release)

Nobody died, nor was anyone arrested or caught doing drugs. But the bomb that went off in my world was big enough to push every ‘Identity’ button in me. And let me tell you, that button has been pushed more times in the last year than I care to count.

But why should it matter? I mean, after all, it was only one week after publishing my book, “IDENTITY: Finding the Proverbs 31 Woman in the Middle of Kid Chaos” that all hell broke loose for me. Could I not have longer than one week to enjoy my ‘success’?

I think if we’re all honest with ourselves, we’ll admit that the ‘performance’ of our kids affects our ‘feelings’ of accomplishment, doesn’t it? (Or the performance of our husbands, or parents, or puppies for that matter.)    

– Why else would the tired mother be thoroughly ashamed that her kid just had a complete meltdown in the grocery store, right in front of people that she respects?

– Why else would the new mommy be devastated that her baby won’t breastfeed, but her best friend’s baby is chubby, content, and sleeping through the night?

– Why else would older mothers grow deathly silent when their grown children start making choices that are completely contrary to the way they were raised?

Shame is a killer.

I Will See Your Goodness in My Lifetime! (FMF:: Provide)

I will see Your goodness IN MY LIFETIME.

Oh, how I love God’s Word and His sweet presence. It changes everything. Especially on days when the pressure seems insurmountable, just a few moments in His presence can turn everything around.

I will see Your goodness IN MY LIFETIME.

Last night, I remembered again how much I adore my Father and the people He’s placed around me. Imagine for a moment… fireplace burning, low lighting, rustic décor, hot coffee, great acoustics, three gifted guitarists, and 40 worshippers singing their hearts out. It was heaven.

You Know You’re Tired When… (and a Blaak Family Update)

What are some of the craziest things you’ve said or done while completely sleep deprived?

I remember saying to my husband when we still had babies, “Oh honey, you can’t park there. It’s HANDIWIPED.”

I remember asking him to “Please go out and mow the carpet.”

I remember trying to pose everyone for our annual family picture and telling my kids to “Sit there on the machine” as I pointed to a rock.

I also remember finding my keys in the fridge, and my wedding ring in the sunscreen bucket.

Yes, tiredness can be hilarious when it comes in small doses, but this week, I experienced the not-so-nice version of sleep deprivation.