Day 24: Unpack Your Boxes and Plant Your Trees

This largely unedited free-write is linking up with the Write 31 Days Challenge. // indicates the start and stop of five minutes. The prompt word for today is GLOBAL. Go!



//  As an international Mom parenting international kids, today’s prompt word is the perfect opportunity to share with you one of my absolute LIFESAVERS.

Had you told me that we would someday live overseas for more than a decade, I would’ve never believed you. Nope. Wasn’t even on my radar. But surprises happen, and thankfully, God has more exciting plans for our lives than we can even hope or imagine.

We had been in South Africa for almost 5 years and the homesickness and culture shock were so intense. There were times I seriously thought I was losing my mind. In those first years of trying to establish a new life in South Africa, we did many things right, but we also did many things wrong.  Read more


rae-bday-1So today marks another first for us. Today is Raelynne’s 20th birthday and it is the first time we won’t be there to celebrate it. How terrible! (For those who don’t know, she is currently on the other side of the planet attending Hillsong College in the TV & Media Program.)

I have NEVER missed a birthday before! Obviously, I was at the first one, but I mean after that. I have NEVER missed a birthday for any of our kids, and I remember them ALL.

  • Her First Year Party was a disaster. We were the first in our circle to have kids, so we invited all of our friends over for a BBQ (about 35 people). Raelynne was so traumatized; I don’t think she started enjoying herself or playing with wrapping paper (like most babies do) until almost everyone had gone home. Poor baby.

After that, we adopted the guideline: when you turn 2, you can invite 2 friends. When you turn 3, you can invite 3 friends. And so on. It worked like the BOMB!


Over the years, we’ve developed our own unique set of Family Birthday Traditions, such as Read more

Five Minute Friday – LOYAL

Hooray, it’s Friday! Every Friday, I join a special group of writers to write for FIVE MINUTES on a one-word prompt. No editing. No revising. Just WRITE. This week, the word is LOYAL! Go!


“ Oh Jesus, Please! I need to sleep.” But sleep would allude* me. I kept hearing sounds. Imaginary voices of intruders, once again prowling the halls and violating our spaces. It was terrifying. No, they hadn’t hurt us. Yes, they only took “stuff.” But we were definitely changed, forever, never again to go back to that place of simple innocence.

Loyal 1

Enter Bella, a high-strung, Jack Russell puppy who needed much love and attention. Read more