Day 19: He’s so Jolly Proud of You!

This largely unedited free-write is linking up with the Write 31 Days Challenge. // indicates the start and stop of five minutes. The prompt word for today is NOTICE. Go!



//  I could feel myself hyperventilating. White knuckles gripped the steering wheel, tightening pressure on my chest. How on earth was I going to get everything done today? It wasn’t just one thing, it was twenty. Piano lessons, urgent clients with pressing deadlines, supper needing to be prepared, laundry needing to be hung, and now my daughter having a meltdown. Why are high school girls so cruel?

I desperately prayed, “God, You’ve got to help me now. I can’t do this all.”

I arrived home to find extra people in the house; my husband and some of our friends who were needing his computer expertise. Kids informing me they also needed to be at a youth meeting at five. Husband informing me that we had another appointment at seven.

“Oh, Jesus. I have to get this work done, now, or I’m going to be in trouble. I can’t jeopardize this job.”

Daughter informing me that she desperately needs new shoes before the award ceremony tomorrow. Shops are only open for another hour and a half.

“Oh, Father, help…” //

And then the miraculous happened.   My friend (the client who was getting help with her computer), shocked me with the kindest words I’d heard all day.

“May I take her shoe shopping? My daughter is away at university, and I wouldn’t mind having some girl-time with yours.”

My pride almost made me say “No, you don’t have to do that…” but then I realized that I desperately needed her help, and my daughter desperately needed the attention. This was the most practical gift I could’ve received―the best kind of miracle.

Two hours later, my client was satisfied, kids delivered to their meeting, supper sorted, and my daughter returned home with the most beautiful shoes, matching stockings, a pretty top, and the biggest smile on her face… all gifts given by my own personal angel!

And then the tears came… the pressure released, and I felt waves of Father’s love washing over this tired mommy’s heart.

He had noticed | He had seen | He had rescued

Moments later, I received a text from another precious friend. It was a recording of a prophetic word that she had received a couple of years earlier, during a season of extreme pressure with their eldest son when her heart had cried out, “He is driving me crazy. I am really at the end of myself.”  Most of us can relate at one time or another, can’t we?

The guest speaker that night didn’t know anything about her or her story, but this is what he said (taken directly from the recording):

I feel the Father wants to say to you that He’s so jolly proud of you! He really delights in you. Father wants to say to you, “You’re such a good Mom.”

I feel like you’re facing some stuff with your children right now that you’re not quite sure how to navigate, and you’re just so worried about it. You’re like, “Oh gosh, what am I going to do? How is this going to work out?” …

And Father just wants to say to you, “You’re doing great. You’re doing amazing.” And He delights in you.


My friend gave me permission to share this intimate moment between her and the Father because she believes that it wasn’t meant just for her―GOD IS SAYING THIS TO ALL OF US!

God wants you to know that He notices you and He sees you exactly where you are today! Click To Tweet

Thank you, Charmaine, for sharing your gift with us!

Thank you, Laura, for being my special angel today!

I love you BOTH so much!

See? We were NEVER meant to walk this road alone!


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