Day 22: Strip It Off!

This largely unedited free-write is linking up with the Write 31 Days Challenge. // indicates the start and stop of five minutes. The prompt word for today is OFF. Go!



//  Can we get honest here for a minute? If I were to ask you what is the ONE thing that trips you up in life, what you say?

I’ve been thinking about this today and I’d have to say that comparing myself to others is my Achilles heel. It knocks me flat every time. Feeling confident and secure until that moment when someone else comes along… someone prettier, happier, skinnier, wealthier, more talented, more popular, more disciplined. You name it.

But it’s usually when I’m tired or feeling run down that this happens.  It happens when I let my guard down.

But isn’t that the nastiness of our enemy? He knows exactly when and where to strike―when we’re weak, and in the point of our weakness. If I was an athlete, I would tape up the sore muscle to keep it from further injury. If I was a soldier, I would protect my vital organs from fatal attack.

So why is it that, as Moms, we don’t anticipate and protect ourselves from what will surely come at us? The enemy ALWAYS attacks those he’s most afraid of.

Did you hear that?


Why? Because we make a mean lasagna, or we have the cleanest toilets in town? Heck, NO!  // It’s because we are raising the next generation, and he knows that the next generation ALWAYS has the potential to surpass the former generation.

I heard 1 Samuel 18:7 in a brand new way today. Do you remember when the women were singing the praises of David in the streets and Saul got jealous?

“Saul has slain his thousands, AND David his tens of thousands.”

Notice the word AND? David’s success was never meant to be a competition between these two men. They were mutually dependent on each other for their successes.

  1. David couldn’t have done it without Saul making a way for him (Saul was the wise and righteous older generation who courageously led his nation into battle);
  2. And Saul couldn’t have extended his kingdom as far without David (David was the bold and courageous younger generation who had the faith to believe God for the impossible).

Saul shouldn’t have been jealous. He should have been cheering David on because this young man was the fulfillment of his leadership. The next generation is ALWAYS meant to go higher and farther. But instead, Saul allowed comparison and insecurity to trip him up.

My friends, comparing yourselves with those around you may seem normal and harmless, but

Comparison is an UGLY thing that we desperately need to root out of our lives. Click To Tweet

Don’t tolerate it. Don’t excuse it. Don’t make friends with it.

Deal ruthlessly with the spirit of comparison and strip that thing OFF of you! Our kids are watching, and their destinies are at stake!

“Therefore, since we are surrounded by such a huge crowd of witnesses to the life of faith, LET US STRIP OFF EVERY WEIGHT THAT SLOWS US DOWN, especially the sin that so easily trips us up. And let us run with endurance the race God has set before us.” Hebrews 12:1

I believe in you. You can do this!


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