Day 8: With an Air of Improv

This largely unedited free-write is linking up with the annual Write 31 Days Challenge. // indicates the start and stop of five minutes. The prompt word for today is MUDDLE. Go!



// So, this word gave me a bit of a giggle this morning. I mean, who REALLY uses the word “muddle” in everyday conversation? I don’t.

But then I looked it up in the dictionary and discovered that it’s actually a great word, especially concerning the wild and wacky world of Mothering.

Here’s how defines “muddle”:

  • A confused, disordered, or embarrassing condition; a mess.


  • To achieve a certain degree of success but without much skill, polish, experience, or direction.

Hel-lo. Maybe I should use this word more often.

  • To behave, proceed, or think in a confused or aimless fashion or with an air of improvisation.

Oh my goodness! That’s EXACTLY what mothering is like.

How many other moms feel as though they are going through their days with an air of improvisation, making it up as they go along? I still do. It’s as if,

As soon as you learn the rules, they change the game.

As soon as you master one phase of child-rearing, they grow out of it and into a new one.

So we go from one phase to the next to the next, improvising all the way.

I’m now in the phase of older teenagers who are in high school and leaving (or soon leaving) for college, and I’m improvising more than ever! How did I get here? I just mastered the art (if you can call it that) of toddlers and the school years. What do I do now?

Well, girls, that’s why WE NEED EACH OTHER! //

We were never meant to MUDDLE our way through this journey alone! If you are feeling isolated and confused, wandering around in a permanent state of improv, then get out there and FIND YOUR TRIBE! Reach out. Connect. Build relationships with other women.

Mothering is always better when we’re together! Find your Tribe! Click To Tweet

I NEED to surround myself with women who have gone before me, to learn from them―their good, their bad, and their ugly.

And I NEED to pour my life and hard-earned wisdom into those who are coming behind me. This is the ultimate collaboration!

I’m so glad you’re here. ♥


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  1. Rone
    Rone says:

    you did it again, only this time im in tears! YASSS! you get me… you get MOTHERHOOD. you get that we all need a tribe…
    when I studied DANCE and DRAMA 2005-2007 ..feels like ages ago… i always LOVED the improv part, because you were able to do your own thing and LET GO… funny how I have changed, and the article made me realize that all we, as mothers, seek for is something SOLID, something secure, something to make us feel safe…and how ironic is it, that you have to teach your child/baby and stick to a routine because you read it alllll the time since being pregnant “BABIES/CHILDREN FLORISH ON ROUTINE!” and all we mothers do is improv about everything because life is just TOO fast and, LIFE HAPPENS… as soon as you settle your heart on one routine and you feel like a million bucks, the new phase or season hits, and then IMPROV IMPROV IMPROV.


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