It’s time!

I can hear the music playing in my mind… It’s my time // It’s my day // It’s my season for breakthrough. 


Welcome to Blaaklist Writers! I trust you will be inspired and encouraged by what you read and experience here!

No, those words weren’t written specifically about me. They were written by the sexiest songwriter on earth (read between the lines, I’m referring to my husband) to declare the greatness of God and that He is, indeed, our Waymaker!

But I’ll take them. I’ll use them. In fact, I desperately need these words. You see, it IS time. For far too long, I’ve hidden away behind countless excuses: busy wife, busy mom, kids need me, husband needs me, friends need me, people need me, church needs me, the world needs me. And besides, who cares what I have to say anyway?

Well, the truth is… I care. I care very much. I care what I have to say. I care that there are words burning within me, aching to get out. Not just opinions, but words. Not just random emotions, but words. And not just any words, but Words! Because regardless of how tired I am, or how many things call for my attention, I can still hear the Living Word speaking inside of me throughout the day. I can hear Him gently whispering love and life to my heart. I can hear Him speaking Truth concerning the issues that swirl around me.

And what a beautiful gift that is! To hear the voice of the Holy Spirit, our Comforter, our Guide, whisper sweet ‘everythings’ in my ear!

One of my favourite Scriptures says this (and I’m going to paraphrase it because that’s what Holy Spirit sounds like to me)…

“When you must decide between going right or going left, you will hear a Voice behind you saying, ‘Go this way…’ or ‘Go that way…’ (Isaiah 30:21 SBV*).

Isn’t that amazing? That Almighty God would whisper in our ears?! God WANTS to speak to His children. Us! We don’t need to beg and plead, or threaten to sell our firstborn to get a Word from God. He’s simply waiting for us to stop. and. listen.

That’s it.

Just stop the busyness and the noise, the fretting and the worrying, the moaning and the complaining, and just BE present. He wants to whisper in your ear. And He wants you to speak His Words to those around you who can’t quite hear what He’s saying. Speaking in your own voice, whether that be through talking, or singing, or baking, or cooking, or crocheting, or cleaning, or organizing. What does your voice sound like? How will you speak His Word to the people around you?

For me, one of my voices (hidden for far too long) is writing.

It’s time!

*SBV = Shauna Blaak Version (No, it’s not copyrighted yet but you are welcome to it.)


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  1. Natasha van Dyk
    Natasha van Dyk says:

    So beautiful! Gods timing is always perfect. Love it! You are going to do amazing things in God, because that is His plan for us. Jer 29:11. Love it my friend! Love it!

  2. Marian Coertzen
    Marian Coertzen says:

    Shauna this is exciting! It gripped my attention from the start and left me looking forward to taking more adventures with you down your pathway of words.

    • blaaklistwriters
      blaaklistwriters says:

      I love that, Marian! “Taking more adventures with you down your pathway of words.” It almost sounds like it came right out of an Anne of Green Gables novel. 🙂 I, too, and looking forward to the adventure. Thanks so much for your kind compliments!

  3. rachelpfuetzner
    rachelpfuetzner says:

    Wow! Reading your passion, and excitement and really just the pure spark in your heart to write, is not only encouraging but REFRESHING! This is such an exciting step for you Shauna! Zest who are into the world!

    I expect nothing less than success and breakthrough for other people’s lives in your writing! I hope you are hearing the cheers from your community, and our Father in heaven!

    • blaaklistwriters
      blaaklistwriters says:

      Sweet, Rachel! You are such a lovely wordsmith yourself. I can’t wait to read your next post (when will that be?) 😉
      Thank you for your kind encouragement! I do believe that breakthrough in lives is exactly what the future holds. I’m super excited. And yes, I can hear the cheers! Love you so much!

  4. blaaklistwriters
    blaaklistwriters says:

    Oh, my friend! It’s been much too long since we’ve had a long visit over coffee. I miss you!
    Thank you so much for your kind compliments. This is such an exciting step, and I too am looking forward to the days ahead! Love you lots, Lena!

  5. Aliyah Lauren
    Aliyah Lauren says:

    Oh nice to meet you, found you via mutual friend Chris Hubbard. Thought I would say “hello en welkom!” I hardly ever meet other writers from South Africa, sure yo’re Canadian but you’re still here thats good enough :))) I’m a fellow writer and book author in Cape Town! Bless you!! Aliyah Lauren (

    • Shauna Blaak
      Shauna Blaak says:

      Hi Aliyah! How cool to meet another writer on this side of the planet! Christina mentioned that she had a friend in SA… I’m so glad she helped us connect. We’ve been living in Jbay since 2007, but Cape Town is definitely one of our favourite holiday spots. Love it!
      Thanks so much for reaching out. (Feel free to send me a DM and we can connect further. There’s a lovely little group of writers in this area. We call ourselves Writers Collective.) It really is a small world after all!


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