A Message to Creatives

A Message to Creatives

// The week has been unusually hot and sweltering. Water shortages and high humidity are making February unbearable.

Seriously… will the sweating ever end?

As such, Creative Collective was a welcome distraction from the heat. A hundred and thirty artists gathered together in the place of community and intimacy with the Father and each other.

Singers, musicians, writers, painters, dancers, photographers. You name it; we were together.

Worship was sweet. No need for air-con. There’s something so refreshing about people of-like-mind being in one place, with one purpose, one mind, and worshipping God together.

Last night was “Erwin night.” Funny, timely, significant. It was our chance to catch the heart of the leader and the dream for this unique community:    Read more

Five Minute Friday – TEAM

Hooray, it’s Friday! Every Friday, I join a special group of writers to write for FIVE MINUTES on a one-word prompt. No editing. No revising. Just WRITE. This week, the word is TEAM! Go! //


So, a couple of years ago, Joshua (now 18 years old) comes home from school and says to me, “Mom, when I die, I want all the people I did group projects with to lower me into my grave….” [whoa, what?! What are you talking about?] “… so they can let me down one more time.”

Ohhhhhh, I get it. He had read it on a meme somewhere, but it expressed his frustrations perfectly. I get it! Here’s a shout-out to all the moms who also hate group projects!