Day 2 - Good Morning, Gorgeous

Day 2 – Good Morning, Gorgeous! (Speak Life)

Day 2 - Good Morning, Gorgeous


//  She woke with a start, the sound of the alarm slicing through the silence like fingernails on chalkboard. How could it be morning ALREADY?

The restlessness of the past six hours showed in the dark circles under her eyes. Tossing, turning, and praying desperately for relief from her racing thoughts. Too much to think about, too much to do. The snoring coming from beside her was a cruel reminder that she wasn’t sleeping… again.

She desperately wanted to collapse on her pillow and let unconsciousness take over… but she couldn’t!

Sit up! Shake off the sleepiness. She had work to do, deadlines to meet, responsibilities to take care of. There’s no time for slumber today.

After dragging herself from under the warm blankets and stubbing her toe on the corner of the bed, she staggered into the bathroom. This exhausted woman who looked like she had just run a marathon and then been hit by a truck,

looked at herself in the mirror,

took a big breath

and said,

“Good morning, Gorgeous! You are totally gonna ROCK today!”  

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The Many Faces of Friendship

Friendship is a fantastic thing!

But how can we define it in five short minutes? It’s impossible. Each relationship is unique. I am one type of friend to some, and to others something else. Not two-faced but unique in the various expressions of friendship.

The awesome thing is that we don’t have to choose to be just one type of friend… WE CAN BE ALL OF THEM, at different times and in different situations, to the various people around us.

Here are the Many Faces of Friendship that we get to wear!

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Day 19: He’s so Jolly Proud of You!

This largely unedited free-write is linking up with the Write 31 Days Challenge. // indicates the start and stop of five minutes. The prompt word for today is NOTICE. Go!



//  I could feel myself hyperventilating. White knuckles gripped the steering wheel, tightening pressure on my chest. How on earth was I going to get everything done today? It wasn’t just one thing, it was twenty. Piano lessons, urgent clients with pressing deadlines, supper needing to be prepared, laundry needing to be hung, and now my daughter having a meltdown. Why are high school girls so cruel?

I desperately prayed, “God, You’ve got to help me now. I can’t do this all.”

I arrived home to find extra people in the house; my husband and some of our friends who were needing his computer expertise. Kids informing me they also needed to be at a youth meeting at five. Husband informing me that we had another appointment at seven.

“Oh, Jesus. I have to get this work done, now, or I’m going to be in trouble. I can’t jeopardize this job.”

Daughter informing me that she desperately needs new shoes before the award ceremony tomorrow. Shops are only open for another hour and a half.

“Oh, Father, help…” //

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