The Glorious Ordinary (a Guest Post by Sarah E. Frazer)

Today, I’ve got a special treat for us. I’d like you to meet Sarah E. Frazer.

I met Sarah last year when she hired me to do a number of editing jobs for her on Upwork. We quickly went from being total strangers… to respected clients… to Five Minute Friday neighbours (that’s how I got hooked)… to being good friends.

Sarah and her husband have an amazing testimony of how God radically changed their lives through the International Adoption of their beautiful special-needs baby girl from China. I know all of my Adoption Mommy friends will be so encouraged by her story!

She has also just published her first devotional book called “The Glorious Ordinary.” This book is so much more than just a devotional. Sarah is passionate about the Word of God and equipping men and women to grow in their knowledge of Scripture and in Prayer.

I also needed to hear her message this week!

So without further adieu, here’s my friend, Sarah E. Frazer.     Read more