7 Ways to Bring into your Kid Chaos

7 Ways to Bring God into your Kid Chaos

// “We know that we should be spending more time with God each day, but our biggest problem is finding time in the middle of the kids and busyness and noise.

“Do you have any advice that worked for you?”

Such a sincere question, spoken in a roomful of beautiful mommies who were gathered for a morning of companionship, encouragement, and community. Moms who are dedicated to staying connected with each other in this season of babies and toddlers.

You know that verse that says “the older women should teach the younger women”? Well, I’m not sure I like the label of ‘older woman,’ but I knew I was incredibly privileged to be invited into this intimate setting to share my experience and wisdom.

I thought for a moment. My mind started replaying those early years of having four kids under the age of 6.

I remembered the noise, the mess, the desperation for quiet…


“My friends, there are actually two needs here. There is a desperate need for quiet, and there is a desperate need for God. Both are equally important for mental and spiritual health, but they are not the same thing.    Read more

5 Steps from Empty Nest to Contentedness


Have you ever woken up and wondered, “Whose life is this?” It’s been that kind of a year for me. I am the mom of four of the cutest little babies you can even imagine! Cute and cuddly, and they give the best hugs. They’re gorgeous!

Except… oh, wait! They aren’t babies anymore! Overnight, they’ve become teenagers! Fourteen, fifteen, eighteen, and twenty (next week). How did this happen? I finally mastered the art of raising toddlers and managing homework―I’m not ready for teenagers to leave home and head for college.

But that’s exactly what’s happening. Read more

Day 30: Smiles are my Favourite Keepsakes

This largely unedited free-write is linking up with the Write 31 Days Challenge. // indicates the start and stop of five minutes. The prompt word for today is CUT. Go!



//  The day started early with the hour-long drive.

Erwin and our eldest daughter had already returned back to Jeffreys Bay for work and school. The other three children and I had remained behind to finish the last of the packing and sorting, and of course to help Grandma and Grandpa at the lake.


Before long, the cabin was a whir of activity. Mowers, chainsaws, axes, brooms, and rakes. It was that time again, time to clean up the yard and prepare it for winter.

Little bodies were all too eager to help. Grandpa was brilliant at instructing, empowering, and encouraging. Never before had my kids chopped down a tree. This was an exciting new adventure. An empowering new adventure.

“Just wait until my friends hear about THIS!”

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