My Manifesto of Motherhood

manifesto-1As yet another dear friend waits with bated breath for the arrival of her precious little girl, I lay here reminded. Oh, am I reminded. In fact, I should be sleeping peacefully for two hours already, but the memories keep rolling over me. I have had such a wealth of love and experience in my journey as “Mom.”

  • Was I the perfect mom? Not a chance.
  • Do I deserve a trophy for “MomAwesomeness”? (Ooooh, wouldn’t that be nice?! Is there even such a thing?)  No, I’m afraid there will always be someone more awesome.
  • Was I real? Definitely.
  • Did I do my best with what I knew at the time? Absolutely!

If only I could relive those early years with the wealth of knowledge, wisdom, and the healthy dose of ‘perspective’ that I now possess. I’m not ready for teenagers to leave home and head to college! I’ve finally mastered the art of raising toddlers, managing homework, and wading through the hormonal years.

So, my dear friends, before the passion lifts and I fall into a dreamless sleep, here’s what I’m brewing about. If I were to turn back the clock and start the MOM-journey again, this is what I would say. This is what I would promise. This is what I believe about parenting… Read more

When the Plan Changes Forever

Plan changes-1

Feeling sore after a good practice wasn’t a strange thing. Every musician knows the drill. Practice hard, rest well. Exam season was around the corner, and I was determined to ace this one.

But something felt odd today. My hands were unusually sore, and that soreness kept radiating higher and higher with each passing hour. Flip, I must’ve played longer than I thought I did. That happens when the metronome is clicking.

The metronome. That love-hate relationship with the click-clack-clack.  Like a teacher you love to hate, it annoys you at first but then lulls you into a hypnotic state of precision and excellence. It was just such a moment that took me ‘over the edge.’ Read more

Five Minute Friday – HIDDEN

Every Friday, I join a special group of writers to write for FIVE MINUTES on a one-word prompt. No editing. No revising. Just WRITE. This week, the word is HIDDEN! Go!


Yes, I have Hidden talent – hiding behind a strong and talented husband. Often stepping back and content to let others shine. Why? What are my excuses? Am I simply busy with mom duties? Or more likely, fear of failure. Fear of rejection. Don’t want to compete, so I never voice the desire to shine.

Yes, I have Hidden pain – My kids are growing and leaving home. Why does no one tell you that food will lose its flavour for 3 months when they leave? Hidden pain because I don’t want them to feel bad for reaching for their destiny and purpose. Their success is my hidden pain because I miss them. I miss her. I will miss him next year. But I will hide my  pain because I love them and want the best for them.

Yes, I have Hidden beauty – something I have grown into, gradually. We grow, we learn, we invest. And we value our beauty more and more as we begin to believe in our identity. Oh, that we would all have someone in our life who gently says “Rise up, princess.” Read more