Day 7: You Only Have to Win by One!

This largely unedited free-write is linking up with the annual Write 31 Days Challenge. // indicates the start and stop of five minutes. The prompt word for today is TEST. Go!



// How many of you know that, as a mom, some things NEVER end. Laundry never ends. Cooking never ends. Cleaning never ends.

You know what else never ends?

DEBATING with your child about whether they WILL or WILL NOT obey you.

Yup, I’m sorry to say. It never ends! The debates may change form and become more intelligent, of course, but they are always a part of life.

I have one of those children. (I won’t embarrass him by naming him out loud, but let’s just say he wasn’t the firstborn.) Up until that point, I had never met a child more stubborn. There were days when it didn’t matter if I was asking him to eat candy, the answer would still be “no.”

I remember once being in Swiss Chalet while on holiday in Ontario, and he was absolutely refusing to eat his supper.

What? Are you kidding me? You are starving and this is your favourite! Chicken, rice, and corn. Why won’t you eat it?”  

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