When Foreigners Become Family


The lights had been dimmed, and delicious aromas filled the air as unsuspecting guests entered the house. I could hear small gasps and expressions of delight! Wow, look at this place! Where is the furniture?

They were not expecting this.

I smiled with quiet pleasure as, one by one, these precious people entered my home. It’s the time of year to say “Thank You” to our amazing team of worship leaders for their tireless service this past year. We normally celebrate end-of-the-season success with a potluck, or a bring’n braai (or whatever other name you choose). But this year, two of our ‘Creative Divas’ decided to BLESS this team with more than just food… they were going to throw us a

Moroccan dining experience!

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I Didn’t Ask For This, God!

This post was first published as a guest article on the LIFE IN THE SPACIOUS PLACE blog. The hostess, Lesley, celebrated the month of October with “31 Days of Songs and Stories.” Each day, she shared stories of how God used a song to speak, encourage or comfort.

Thanks, Lesley! I was truly honoured to be included in this line-up of talented writers.



It seemed to be my theme song for the first few years of living in South Africa. Where was the glamour of international living? Where were the supernatural miracles of being a “missionary”? Why was this sooo hard?

I missed my family immensely, especially when the culture shock hit. I missed my friends―they never misunderstood my intentions. I missed my grocery store with its familiar brands and flavours. I missed my doctor and the brands of medicine I knew and trusted. I missed ‘my people.’ I missed Home.

Corrie Ten Boom said that “The safest place to be is in the centre of God’s will” and I agree. But I would also add that SAFE and EASY are two different things. Read more

Day 6: Beautiful Silence

This largely unedited free-write is linking up with the annual Write 31 Days Challenge.

I have a confession. I just can’t set the five-minute timer today. It’s been such a chaotic 24 hours with computer issues, my hard drive crashing, and our fridge acting up. Simply too much stress and I can’t take any more adrenalin. Thanks for understanding. ♥

The prompt word for today is SILENCE. (how ironic) Go!



Those who know me well know that I recharge in silence.

Those who know my family well know that they don’t. Ironic, eh?

  • My husband recharges with loud music and movies.
  • Eldest daughter―loud music and her dog.
  • Eldest son―loud music and drums.
  • Younger son―loud music and guitars.
  • Youngest daughter―loud music and arts & crafts.

Can you see the pattern here? At any given time, you can hear anywhere from two to four different ‘noise zones’ in our house. It’s crazy and wonderful at the same time.

I am well aware that, once the kids move out of the house, one of the things parents say they miss the most is the Hustle & Bustle (loosely translated noise and chaos) of the family around them. I get it! So, I’m determined not to waste my moments pining for silence. But, Jesus help me, I still need to cope with my desperate need for a quiet place to think.      Read more