Top Posts of 2016!

As we’re winding up the final days of 2016, I’m linking up with my FiveMinuteFriday friends over at Heading Home for this Special Edition of TOP POSTS OF 2016.

Thank you, dear readers, for joining me this year on an incredible journey! It’s such a privilege to be welcomed into your inbox and into your hearts.

In case you missed them the first time around, here are the MOST READ POSTS on the blog this year! So, grab a coffee and a cozy little corner, and enjoy reading what God has done.

And please leave a comment if something resonates with you. I LOVE hearing from you!



1. 10 Scriptures to Comfort Your Grieving Heart

On November 29th, a dear friend of ours died tragically from a brain aneurysm. Natalie was only 28 years old and 26 weeks pregnant with their first baby. I wrote this post in an attempt to find comfort in my own grief, but it must’ve resonated with countless others who were also grieving because it has since been shared 92 times and has been read by over 4,500 people. I trust you will also find comfort in these powerful Scriptures.


2. Anniversary of a Christmas Miracle

This post celebrates the miracle that God did for us last Christmas in the life of our youngest son, David. What began as a family holiday along the sunny coast of South Africa quickly became a parent’s worst nightmare. This is David’s story.



3. My Manifesto of Motherhood

Hindsight is always 20/20, isn’t it? If I were to turn back the clock and start the MOM-journey again, this is what I would say. This is what I would promise. This is what I believe about being a Mom.



4. My Ode to Adeline

This post was the catalyst for finally starting my blog. Adeline Blumer was an amazing woman who radically influenced the way I saw God and the world around me. “Every child has a deep desire to be unique!” Our kids were made to change the world, not be overcome by it!

Sadly, I waited too long to tell her just what she meant to me before she lost her battle with cancer. This is my tribute to a powerful ‘mother’ in my life.



5. The Terrible First

This post celebrates Raelynne’s 20th birthday and some of our favourite birthday party themes from years gone by. Check it out for some fresh ideas for your child’s next birthday.



6. When the Plan Changes Forever (My Battle with Tendonitis)

This is an intimate look into my 25-year battle with tendonitis, and how God turned my Valley of Trouble into a Door of Hope.




7. Day 1: You were Never Meant to Walk Alone

This is the first post of the 31 Days of MomAwesomeness Series, a collection of Mom Advice written specifically for the beautiful mommies that I’m privileged to walk with!

Day 1 beautifully captures the power of community. God always intended us to walk closely with other people—mothers, daughters, sisters, mentors, friends. We were never meant to figure these things out on our own. May you be inspired to open the door today and let someone in.


8. Five Minute Friday – LIFT

A five-minute free write about the power of the higher vantage point. “Being lifted up means clarity and vision. It’s the ability to see your goal without being distracted with the obstacles.”



9. You Can Feel that Way, but You Can’t Stay that Way

Encouragement from the life of King David and his mighty warriors. If THEY can cry until they have no more tears, then certainly there’s hope for you and me!



10. I Didn’t Ask for This, God!

This is a guest post I wrote for Lesley over at Life in the Spacious Place blog. It explores what to do when things go wrong, and how God has used music to help me in my darkest moments.




Thanks again, dear friends, for sharing this journey with me! You are awesome, and I feel so privileged to share my thoughts and words with you!

Wishing all of you a very MERRY CHRISTMAS and a HAPPY NEW YEAR!

♥ With much love,




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  1. Nicky van Heerden
    Nicky van Heerden says:

    So Inspiring and so Beautifully written! Truly gifted to draw us into your soul! Thanks for sharing with us your walk and feelings in so many ways! Love you! All the best with your trip! ❤️


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