Walking in Unforced Rhythms – It’s a Marathon, not a Sprint!

FMF - Unforced Rhythms


// The restaurant was abuzz with the pleasing sounds of people eating and friendly discussion. I was having breakfast with my pastor and mentor, Edna, a precious moment of having her all to myself. (It doesn’t happen very often, but when it does, I soak it up.)

The food had just arrived, so we jumped past the pleasantries and dived right into the task at hand. “I need help. Here’s my life—help me navigate this season.”

I laid before her a notepad detailing the six quadrants of my life. Do you get the irony there? Quadrants come in fours… I’ve been so busy that I had six quadrants on my page, all demanding my immediate attention and energy. No wonder I’ve been tired and stressed.  

Family, church, worship team, mentoring, Worship Academy students and their upcoming exams, writing clients in the middle of big projects, marketing my book, developing my next book (which ironically happens to be on Endurance), blogging, creativity, friends, prepping for the upcoming 31 Day writing challenge, and of course the online courses that I’m taking this year with Shaw Academy. // This isn’t even mentioning all of the other things I’d said “yes” to in the spur of the moment.

How many of you know that we ALL need someone who can check our blind spots… the back of our hair, the back of our shirt, and the decisions we make under pressure?

We ALL need someone who can check our blind spots and the decisions we make under pressure. Click To Tweet

She and I examined and discussed everything on my list.

  • What is urgent?
  • What is necessary?
  • What is important but can wait until later?
  • What gives you gas in your tank?
  • What steals your joy?

And most importantly…

  • What is God saying right now?

And then she said something that blew my mind.

“Shauna, God’s plan is for all of us is to walk in the ‘Unforced Rhythms of Grace.’ If you try to do all of this right now, it’ll be a forced rhythm, not an unforced one.”

All of a sudden, the pressure to perform fell away. Well, OF COURSE, that makes sense!

Unforced rhythms… (deep breath, long exhale)

I had gotten so close to the trees that I couldn’t see the forest. My list had screamed for attention, but not everything on there was from God. Some of it was from my own expectations or expectations from other people, and some of it was simply there because of my silly decisions.

God’s plan is for all of us is to walk in the ‘Unforced Rhythms of Grace.’ Click To Tweet

Unforced Rhythms… what is God saying?

Decisions are easy to make when you look at them like that. Thank God, He places us in families where we can depend on others to help us see our blind spots and navigate these moments. Independence only gets us into trouble when we can’t see clearly.

Very quickly, I brought order to my schedule.

  • Am I still busy? You betcha, but it’s not choking me anymore.
  • Am I still going to write? Of course, writing is like gas in my tank. Writing is how I process my world.
  • Am I going to kill myself to write and post every day of October like I did last year? Nope, not this year. It’s not the right season for that. This is my season for personal study, rocking my client projects, and making sure that my family is healthy.

But I WILL take you with me on my Unforced Rhythm journey. This year, my theme is…

We are going to explore HOW to live this amazing life without burning out or losing our joy in the process.


AND to make sure that happens, I’m giving myself unlimited time to do it!

  • That means that some weeks you may only see a few posts from me, other weeks more.
  • But over the next few months, we’ll slowly and methodically complete 31 Days.

Are you IN?

Do you also need help to slow down and breathe? Do you also need to sit with a trusted mentor and ask them to help you make some decisions about your schedule?

My friends, it’s time to walk in the Unforced Rhythms of Grace.Favourite Bible Verses - Matthew 11:28-30

 (Click to download this image.)

With much love,




Every Friday, I join an inspiring group of writers to write for FIVE MINUTES on a one-word prompt. No editing. No revising. Just WRITE. This week, the prompt word was DEPEND.

// indicates the start and stop of the timer.

For more information on Five Minute Friday, check out the Five Minute Friday website!

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6 replies
  1. Katha
    Katha says:

    Thanks for sharing, Shauna! I decided to not participate this year, I’ve got too much going on and didn’t want to put myself under this pressure of finishing in 31 days. But I need to keep writing.
    So keep writing, no matter the pace! And may you, most of all, benefit from it!

  2. Ronel
    Ronel says:

    Walk in the Unforced Rhythms of Grace (Matthew 11:28-30 MSG). 

    I am new – how do I get access to this?

    • Shauna Blaak
      Shauna Blaak says:

      Hi Ronel, thanks so much for visiting! Are you asking how to participate in a writing challenge like this? I would suggest joining the Five Minute Friday group to begin with. Each week, we write and share together, as well as participate in bigger challenges a couple of times each year. Visit http://fiveminutefriday.com to learn more. 🙂 And God bless!

  3. Ronel
    Ronel says:

    Shauna, think you, not really the writing, but maybe the process of 31 days to unforced rhythm … I thought it was like a booklet? Maybe you can explain process – I was this year in total forched rhythm!! Than you. Ronel.

    • Shauna Blaak
      Shauna Blaak says:

      Hi again, Ronel. My apologies, I didn’t realise until today that I completely missed your second message. I’m so sorry!
      I wish I had a finished booklet that I could share with you on the mystery of Walking in Unforced Rhythms. The truth is, I’m still learning day by day how to do it myself. Here’s what I do know… walk closely with Holy Spirit, and allow God to have input in your todo list. He promised us that He would whisper in our ears, “Go this way, go that way” (Isaiah 30:21). He is faithful and more than willing to help us navigate this busy life.
      Praying for you, my friend ❤️

      • Ronel
        Ronel says:

        Shauna, thank you so much!! From my last request I’ve spent more time with God and His word. We are currently in lockdown and again more time with God – I can feel the calmness that God is in control!!
        God bless and keep save!!


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