Top Posts of 2017!

Top Posts of 2017


As we wind up the final days of 2017, here are the MOST READ POSTS on the blog this year (just in case you missed them the first time around).

So, grab a coffee and a cozy little corner, and enjoy!

And please leave a comment if something touches you. I LOVE hearing from you!



1.    7 Ways to Bring God into your Kid Chaos

7 Ways to Bring into your Kid Chaos

Written for a precious group of mommies, this post explores how to include God in your everyday life—at home and at church.





2.   Happy 50th Anniversary, Mom and Dad!

Happy 50th Anniversary, Mom and DadThis is my tribute celebrating my parents’ 50th anniversary! They had an epic party, and I’m so proud of them. Enjoy!





3.    This Same Power Lives in You

This same power lives in youI wrote this post for anyone struggling with exhaustion and depression.





4.    Faith says, “Paste it, Daddy!”

Faith says, "Paste it, Daddy"

I wrote this post during a season when disaster was striking at every turn. You know, those times when all you can do is cry, “Paste it, Daddy.”




5.    I’m Just NOT Ready (When Leaders Feel Inadequate)

I'm Just Not Ready

I wrote this article for leaders who are feeling empty and unqualified to lead.





6.    What to Do When Tragedy Strikes

What to Do When Tragedy Strikes

How can we support people who are going through major crises? Written for anyone walking alongside those who are suffering.




7.    Fighting for Your Future

Fighting for Your Future

Yes, God has incredible plans for us, but we also have to fight for our purpose and destiny. This article explores how.




8.    What Advice Would You Give Your Younger Self?

What Advice Would you Give your Younger Self?

Have you ever wished for a do-over? Here’s what I would do differently if I could turn back the clock.





9.    A Message to Creatives

A Message to Creatives

This article captures some of Erwin’s inspiration to our worship and creative arts team.  “Creativity is Inseparable from Vulnerability.”




10. The Communication Secret that will Save Your Sanity

Speak to be Understood

Why don’t people understand me? What is the point of speaking at all? This post explores what healthy communication looks like.






Thank you, dear friends, for welcoming me into your inbox and into your hearts this year. You are awesome, and I feel so privileged to share my words with you!

Now it’s your turn…


Use the comments below to tell me what speaks to you, or send me a direct message. I want to hear from you.

2018 is going to be another fantastic year together!


With much love,

Signature, Shauna






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