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Hanging onto Promises in Canada (FMF: Offer)

So, how’s Canada?

It’s become the most frequently heard question in my life.

It’s been 11 months since I last posted anything about SuperMom and the International Family. Eleven exciting and exhausting months. In that time, we sold a house, gave away our beloved dogs, sold as much as we could and packed up the rest, said goodbye to a life we loved in South Africa and moved across the planet.

How is Canada?

We became re-acquainted with our homeland, a land that looks similar but feels awfully strange. ‘Familiar strangeness’ is the only description that fits.

We made new friends and caught up with old ones. We survived the coldest February in 40 years of Alberta’s history, and we’re just starting to thaw in the warmth of the spring sun. Thank God.

How is Canada?

My Mother’s Day Surprise – Time Together is a Gift (FMF: Pause)

As I sit and stare out the window, the rain trickles down the window pane, and I pause to listen. Silence, sweet silence. I can hear the clock tick, I can hear the dog breathe. I can hear faint rustlings coming from down the hallway. Someone I love is waking.

And I pause to rest.

In the past months, life has been frantic. Packing and planning, sorting and selling. Moving a family across an ocean is a massive task with last-minute urgencies at every turn.

But then Mother’s Day arrived and my life turned upside down. My darling husband is the BEST LIAR (yes, there is such a thing) and he surprised me with a doozie. He and Raelynne (our oldest daughter who has been studying in Australia for almost 2½ years) conspired to surprise me with her un-announced arrival and a 3-week visit.

And they planned it for 2 months without telling me ANYTHING. She just ‘showed up’ at our table for Mother’s Day dinner!

Here is the Facebook video of the big surprise and my ugly Mom cry.

Get Ready for SuperMom and the International Move

If any of you have made a life-changing move across cities, nations, or continents, then I’m sure you can relate to the whirlwind of activity that has been my life lately.

I am surprised, actually. I knew this was going to be a challenging season, but I didn’t expect the full gamut of emotions that we’ve been experiencing. Thank God we’ve had time to process this move with friends and family, out loud and not in silence.

The biggest surprise is what I’ve experienced concerning my writing and blogging. Have you noticed my absence lately? No, it’s not because I’ve stopped writing. Quite the contrary. I’m writing regularly and feverishly, but not all of it is meant for public consumption. Some things are just for my heart to hear.  

The truth is, fear stops me from sharing my journey with you. Fear because every time I go to press “publish,” I have visions of un-subscribe, un-friend, un-follow. How crazy is that!