When Your Soul Craves Distraction (FMF: Distraction)

// “Ooooo, pretty. So shiny. Can you see the pretty lights?”

The candlelight danced on the ceiling of our small kitchen, while two unsuspecting little ones pointed and quietly ate their supper.


But not just any spaghetti… spaghetti cooked with vegetables in the sauce. I nervously waited for cries of protest, but nobody noticed. Nope. They just ate, bite after bite, all while admiring the flames and the pretty light show around the room. What a lovely distraction.

Eventually, little fingers began to participate, trying desperately to grab slippery noodles from plastic plates, and chubby faces became increasingly smeared with homemade spaghetti sauce.


Little did they know that candlelight was our weapon of choice whenever we introduced new foods to their delicate taste buds. It worked like the bomb! In fact, it worked so well that we continued to eat by candlelight, night after night, for years, but especially during the dark winter months.

By the time summer came around, their tiny palates had so conformed to the different flavours that dinner time wasn’t a chore. It was normal. //

So normal, in fact, that their favourite summer afternoon snack became frozen peas and frozen corn, served simply in an IKEA bowl. Haha, it wasn’t ice cream, but it was so refreshing!


Are you Desperate for Distraction?

So, my friends, how are you doing with the different flavours on your plate these days? Are you surrendering to the uncomfortable, or are you revolting against everything in front of you?

“I’m not eating this.”

Amid lockdown and self-isolating, I have found myself on multiple occasions looking desperately for a distraction, any distraction… something to take my mind off the bitter pill I’m trying to swallow.

  • I hate being isolated.
  • I hate fear and anxiety.
  • I hate stress and pressure.
  • And despite loving my family like crazy, if I don’t get some alone-time soon, I AM going to go crazy.

My soul craves distraction. Anything. Everything. It doesn’t have to be expensive. It doesn’t have to be spiritual. It doesn’t even have to be beneficial or productive. It just needs to take my mind off the here and now.

Can you relate?

But maybe that’s the whole problem to begin with…

What is God saying?

I’ve heard it said recently that good leaders don’t waste a crisis. If that’s true of ungodly leaders, then it’s certainly true of our Heavenly Father. The world is in crisis. We are in crisis. And Father is urgently calling for our attention in the middle of this crisis.

Can you hear Him speaking to you?

My Daughter, hear My voice in the midst of the noise. I haven’t left you at all, nor am I surprised by any of this.

Don’t get distracted by the ‘shiny lights’ around you. Don’t just chase entertainment and noisy media. Don’t run around in circles, even if it’s only in your mind.

Come to Me.

Follow My lead.

Obey My voice.

Seek Me.

Let the discomfort of what is happening around you draw you close to ME. I have all the answers for the world, and for you. I AM your answer.

Let the discomfort of what is happening around you draw you closer to your Heavenly Father. Click To Tweet

My friends, on this Mother’s Day weekend, please don’t despair.

Stay focused and press into your Heavenly Father. THIS CRISIS WON’T LAST FOREVER, AND HE WILL DELIVER YOU THROUGH IT.

I know He will!

“You’ve gone into my future to prepare the way, and in kindness you follow behind me to spare me from the harm of my past. With your hand of love upon my life, you impart a blessing to me” (Psalms 139:5 The Passion Translation).

You can do this!

Signature, Shauna

Happy Mother’s Day, dear friends!


Every Friday, I join an inspiring group of writers to write for FIVE MINUTES on a one-word prompt. No editing. No revising. Just WRITE.

Last week, the prompt word was Distraction. After a distracted week, here’s my belated offering.

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4 replies
  1. Esther
    Esther says:

    Your words reminded me that I have choices when faced with difficult circumstances. One of those choices and the best choice is to draw close to my heavenly Father. Thanks for the sharing the Passion Translation of Psalm 139:5. Blessings.

    • Shauna Blaak
      Shauna Blaak says:

      Hi Esther, thank you so much for your kind words. I’ve been finding the Passion Translation so refreshing lately. Here’s another gem I read today…

      “Lord, direct me throughout my journey so I can experience your plans for my life. Reveal the life-paths that are pleasing to you.
      Escort me along the way; take me by the hand and teach me.
      For you are the God of my increasing salvation;
      I have wrapped my heart into yours!”
      (Psalm 25:4-5 TPT)

      How beautiful! Have a great day!

  2. Andrew Budek-Schmeisser
    Andrew Budek-Schmeisser says:

    Shauna, it’s so good to see you here again!

    Please pardon the mild expletive in the penultimate line of the sonnet below (inspired by your post). No other word would do.

    All the normal rythms shatter
    to the dreadful here and now,
    but to me, it doesn’t matter
    ’cause I am screwed anyhow.
    Cancer now has took my voice,
    and just walking’s tough;
    if I really had a choice
    I’d say I’ve had enough.
    But I find I can’t give in,
    although I want to die;
    there’s no way that I can win,
    but I am still gonna try
    to beat this bastard at his game,
    for fun, and for His Holy Name.

    • Shauna Blaak
      Shauna Blaak says:

      Ahhh, Andrew. It’s so nice to see you still here too. I’ve been wondering how you are. Each day is a gift whether we’re sick or healthy, isn’t it? Although I’m not fighting a battle as desperate as yours, I’ve been learning to take each day as it comes and just breathe. and live. and love the people around me.

      Always a joy to see you here, my friend. I continue to pray for your comfort, strength, and healing.


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