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// The week has been unusually hot and sweltering. Water shortages and high humidity are making February unbearable.

Seriously… will the sweating ever end?

As such, Creative Collective was a welcome distraction from the heat. A hundred and thirty artists gathered together in the place of community and intimacy with the Father and each other.

Singers, musicians, writers, painters, dancers, photographers. You name it; we were together.

Worship was sweet. No need for air-con. There’s something so refreshing about people of-like-mind being in one place, with one purpose, one mind, and worshipping God together.

Last night was “Erwin night.” Funny, timely, significant. It was our chance to catch the heart of the leader and the dream for this unique community:   

To see mature artists who know their identity as sons and daughters in God, expressing worship through the arts in the local church and society.

Identity / Community / Creativity

Why is the message significant? Because typical artists are often plagued with insecurity and fear, and they avoid community at all costs. Fear of rejection, fear of failure, fear of weakness, fear of vulnerability.

But vulnerability in the Kingdom is not a foe; it’s a friend.

  • It’s in the place of vulnerability that we find our freedom and our family.
  • It’s in the place of vulnerability that we find our healing and deliverance.
  • It was in the place of vulnerability and weakness that Jesus defeated sin and death and secured our promise of LIFE!

We’ve all read the verse, “In your weakness, I am made strong!” //

So why, then, do we so desperately try to hide our weakness and pretend we are ‘fine’? For it is only when we finally stop pretending and come to God (and to each other) in honesty and vulnerability that He can “make Himself strong through us.”

As artists, that’s huge!

Almighty God wants to be made strong THROUGH me…

through my song…

through my words…

through my design…

through my gift…

through my weakness.

It means no more hiding.

It means no more isolation.

“Vulnerability is the seat of the anointing because that’s where God is made strong in us!”

Truth was declared into the atmosphere last night, and the creatives absorbed it eagerly.

This is my community.

Vulnerability is the seat of the anointing because that’s where God is made strong in us! Click To Tweet


Every Friday, I join an inspiring group of writers to write for FIVE MINUTES on a one-word prompt. No editing. No revising. Just WRITE. This week, the prompt word was WEAK.

// indicates the start and stop of the timer.

For more information on Five Minute Friday, check out Kate Motaung’s site!


14 replies
    • Shauna Blaak
      Shauna Blaak says:

      Oh I’m so glad, Sarah. Fear of vulnerability tends to bite all of us, doesn’t it? Especially right before pressing “publish.”
      May your heart be encouraged, my friend. Have a great weekend!

  1. Debby
    Debby says:

    Perfect Shauna. I can’t think of a group who struggles more with vulnerability and many manners of fear. Sounds like a wonderful time of community.

    • Shauna Blaak
      Shauna Blaak says:

      It’s true. That fear of vulnerability stops many artists from reaching their full potential. Our life mission has been to reach this community and help them become all that God intended for them. It’s exciting!
      Thanks so much for stopping by. Have a great weekend!

    • Shauna Blaak
      Shauna Blaak says:

      It is, isn’t it? Our natural minds struggle with the concept of His Strength being made perfect in our weakness, but it’s so key. Jesus hung naked when He conquered death and sin.
      I’m so glad you stopped by, and thanks so much for the re-tweet, Susan 🙂 I’ll go check out your post.
      Have a lovely weekend!

  2. Lesley
    Lesley says:

    Sounds like a great gathering and a great message. Vulnerability is not always easy but it is when we are vulnerable and honest about our weaknesses that we see God’s strength. I love your comment that “vulnerability is the seat of the anointing.”

    • Shauna Blaak
      Shauna Blaak says:

      Thanks, Lesley. As one of our friends says, “It breaks my brain.” Human nature makes us want to hide and pretend, but God works wonders through honesty and vulnerability. Wow!
      I’m so glad you stopped by. Have a great weekend!

  3. jenn
    jenn says:

    Hey, I’m your FMF neighbor this week. I have visited before, but I’m back by God-incidence. I liked your post about vulnerability being the key to revealing artistry. That gives me courage to keep on sharing and creating. Love, Jenn Cook

    • Shauna Blaak
      Shauna Blaak says:

      Hi Jenn,
      My apologies for the late reply. Yes, it’s so true! Unfortunately, that same vulnerability often makes creative people run and hide. I’m so glad you found courage in reading my post! Keep creating!
      Have a great week!

    • Shauna Blaak
      Shauna Blaak says:

      Haha, funny guy. My apologies, Andrew. I completely forgot to reply to your comment. (Actually, I think it was one of those “dreamt it” moments where you wake up in the morning and think you’ve completed something on your todo list. Eish.) Gonna go read yours now 🙂

      I’m always glad to see you here. Thanks for visiting!

  4. Christina Hubbard
    Christina Hubbard says:

    Oh, my goodness! I need to know about this community. What a wonderful forum for grace and challenge and depth! Sounds like you guys are doing amazing work with the creatives in your community.

    • Shauna Blaak
      Shauna Blaak says:

      Thanks, Christina! Yes, it IS a wonderful community, and we are so blessed to be here. Check us out on Instagram: @creativecollective_vc
      Or you could just move here… haha 😉


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