Day 14: Heaven in a Cardboard Box

This largely unedited free-write is linking up with the Write 31 Days Challenge. // indicates the start and stop of five minutes. The prompt word for today is MAIL. Go!



//  Please Mom… Please send us some toothpaste. Yes, I know there’s toothpaste here, but I can’t find ANYTHING that we like.

Please Mom… Please send us some crackers. I’ve tried every package on the shelf, but NOTHING tastes like home.

Please Mom… Please send us some Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups. We keep trying different chocolate bars and they look similar, but they don’t taste the same AT ALL.

Please Mom… Please send us some red licorice. We’ve tried different brands and styles, but we’re ALWAYS so disappointed.

Please Mom… Please send us some Tim Horton’s coffee. I just need to taste HOME again.

Please Mom… We’re desperate.

It’s amazing how certain tastes and smells can trigger a tidal wave of memory and desire. We’d only been in South Africa for three months, and we were doing remarkably well, considering.

But let me tell you, being the MOM on this runaway train was a ride that I wasn’t prepared for.

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