Lightness Follows Choosing (and a bonus video)

// Changing gears is a grind. Busy doing one thing, completely focused, emotionally spent, then needing to change that focus and engage differently.

Not for the faint of heart, that’s for sure.

Such are Thursdays for me. Every week. Why such a challenge? Because the enemy of my soul knows that Thursday evening is the time when I engage my community and enjoy my God. He is committed to keeping me distracted and soulish, starving my spirit and nursing emptiness.     Read more

Battling the Christmas JOY-Stealers

Have you ever felt that joy is simply escaping you? I mean, in this season that should fill you with warm fuzzy feelings, are you ready to hit the “eject” button? Let’s be honest, sometimes circumstances just suck.

I’m there right now. “Joy to the World” …whatever.

And that’s not normal for me. I have always been a huge Christmas lover. You know, the kind of person who would listen to Christmas carols in July and hang Christmas lights in September. In fact, we have fairy lights hanging year round in the kitchen just because there’s just something special about washing dishes with ‘mood lighting.’

Even now as I write this, the house is quiet, the tree is keeping me company, and the smell of turkey is coming from the kitchen.

What… so early? Are you crazy?

Yes, yes I am. But let me tell you what’s going on around here.    Read more