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As we’re winding up the final days of 2016, I’m linking up with my FiveMinuteFriday friends over at Heading Home for this Special Edition of TOP POSTS OF 2016.

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When Foreigners Become Family


The lights had been dimmed, and delicious aromas filled the air as unsuspecting guests entered the house. I could hear small gasps and expressions of delight! Wow, look at this place! Where is the furniture?

They were not expecting this.

I smiled with quiet pleasure as, one by one, these precious people entered my home. It’s the time of year to say “Thank You” to our amazing team of worship leaders for their tireless service this past year. We normally celebrate end-of-the-season success with a potluck, or a bring’n braai (or whatever other name you choose). But this year, two of our ‘Creative Divas’ decided to BLESS this team with more than just food… they were going to throw us a

Moroccan dining experience!

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