Use Your LIFELINE: “I’d Like to Call a Friend”


I felt that little niggling feeling. “You’d better call her.” I knew exactly who He was talking about, and she had been on my mind all day. Brand new baby, restless toddler, and a husband away on a business trip. I promised that I’d look out for her, so I knew I should check in.

I’d like to say that I obeyed immediately, but I didn’t. I got distracted with a busy household and lunch preparations. Before I knew it, two hours had passed. No excuses.

The amazing thing about Holy Spirit is that He OFTEN whispers to us about people, exactly when THEY need it, not necessarily when it’s convenient for us. But that’s part of being in the Body of Christ, isn’t it? We are HIS hands extended, and He uses us as the answer to someone else’s prayers. Father always hears our prayers and is ever mindful of our needs. And theirs.

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Before I knew it, a text message had arrived. I won’t tell you exactly what was said, but keywords included

“disaster area… kids screaming… feel horrible and ashamed… I really need my mom.”

I wasn’t her real mom, but I dropped what I was doing and went, armed only with a hot lunch and a hug. But that’s EXACTLY what the doctor ordered―sustenance and encouragement. She gratefully opened the door and gave me the fiercest hug; the chaos of the morning reflected in the state of her hair and the paleness of her cheeks.

No, she hadn’t failed in any way. No, she wasn’t a bad mommy. She was just completely depleted. It happens to the best of us.

What had she done wrong?

  • Pretty much NOTHING, except that she had allowed outside pressures to sap her energy dry. Clients, work, cleaning, pressures, you name it.
  • She hadn’t guarded her sleeping time. “My friends, when baby sleeps, you need to sleep. Everything else must wait.”

What had she done right?

  • She CALLED for help! Well done!

Way too many mommies suffer in silence, too embarrassed that the house is a mess or they’ve just screamed at their kids. That’s just stupid. We don’t have the luxury of isolating ourselves in guilt and shame. That’s when the enemy can really take us out.

We need each other, more than we even realize.

Long story short, after some food, a shower, and some time alone, this beautiful mommy was a completely different person―refreshed and ready for another round of being SuperMom to these precious little people.

I’m super proud of her for taking the risk and calling me when she did! I’m delighted that she trusted me enough to call. I’m humbled and honoured that she felt comfortable enough to let me into her place of vulnerability.

The moral of the story

  • When you get that Holy Spirit prompting that says to call someone, DO IT RIGHT AWAY. You are the answer to someone’s miracle. Don’t delay.
  • When you are in the place of desperation, CALL A FRIEND. It’s more than just a lifeline on “Who Wants to be a Millionaire?” It really is your LIFE-line to keep you alive and ‘living’ in the middle of this crazy world we call motherhood. Just do it!

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