Worthy: Not Even Oprah Can You Make You Feel This Good

//  I wandered around the room feeling a bit like Oprah. Microphone in hand, and looking for the first volunteer to speak.

But the room was quiet, so quiet. Was anyone listening? Had I communicated clearly? God, You need to do this.”

The mood was set, the message delivered. I knew that Holy Spirit was working deep things into the hearts and souls of these precious women.

But it was so quiet.

I felt Father say, “Shhhhh, just wait.”

So I walked. And prayed. I could hear sniffles and quiet weeping.

“Father, speak to Your girls. They need to hear what You say about them. Erase the lies. Speak truth.”

The lights were dimmed, soft music coming from the keyboard, and Holy Spirit was working.

Don’t rush. Old labels were being removed, and new identities were being spoken.

Then one hand went up. What she said was like refreshing rain to a dry ground and unlocked a wave of hope throughout the room.    

One by one, these precious women found healing and freedom after suffering for years with labels that the enemy had whispered in their dark places.

“I’ve always believed that I was a disappointment to my husband and children, but God just told me I am beautiful and He’s so proud of me.”

Victory! A win is a changed life! //

One by one, old labels were identified and new identities were embraced.

  • No longer ‘failure,’ but ‘chosen.’
  • No longer ‘disappointment,’ but ‘well-loved.’
  • No longer ‘unclean,’ but ‘WORTHY.’

One by one, Father God spoke new life and hope. “My daughters, I love you. This is what I think about you…”

And as they spoke these new words out loud, faith was released into the atmosphere.

When I hear what God says to YOU, it gives me faith to believe that He can say the same to ME! Click To Tweet

That’s why we testify. That’s why we say these things out loud. So that we can learn God’s vocabulary from each other. Most of us have a very small understanding of what God’s voice sounds like. But my friends, God doesn’t speak condemnation in Old English terminology… thee, thou, shalt.

No, your Heavenly Father loves you intensely and has the highest opinion of you. He loves to say things like…

You are clean.

You are My masterpiece.

You are altogether beautiful.

You are a delight to Me.

That’s why we testify. So that we can learn God’s vocabulary from each other. Click To Tweet

My favourite testimony from that night and the one that often rings in my memory was from a beautiful young girl who had lived for many years believing that she was a ‘disappointment,’ an ‘irritation,’ a ‘troublemaker.’

Want to know what Father God said to her?


How beautiful is that! At first, she whispered it, hardly believing it could be true. So I had her say it again, louder and stronger, declaring it into the atmosphere…

I am Clean. I am Pure. I am Forgiven.

I am Well-Loved and a Joy to be around!

I am Loving, Kind, and Gentle!


My friends, that’s the vocabulary of our Father! That’s what He thinks about you.

But maybe there’s a part of you that says, “How do I know if that’s really God speaking?”

My friends, if you are hearing ANYTHING nice about yourself... that’s God. Click To Tweet

The enemy never says anything nice, and we are usually our own worst critics. If you are hearing anything that says “You are My masterpiece” (Eph 2:10), or “You are altogether beautiful” (Song of Solomon 4:7), that’s God!

That’s what He sounds like.

That’s what He thinks about you.



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